Omaleipuri - your personal baker

Utajärvi Bakery's highly experienced bakers bake our delicious products using traditional baking methods and quality ingredients.

Our selection includes both fresh and frozen products so you can easily enjoy our delicious products straight from your own oven!

You can order our products easily online or by contacting us via phone or email. Ordered products can be picked up directly from our bakery outlet located in Utajärvi. You can also find our products in selected stores.

How to get yours:

1. Order online or contact us directly through phone or email
2. Fetch your products from our bakery outlet

Geofood Finland, Utajärvi Bakery

Utajärvi Bakery is situated in the middle of Finland, in the unique surroundings of Rokua UNESCO Global Geopark. Here the geological history of millions of years have shaped the land and created fruitful valleys for cultivation and stock raising.

The valuable geoheritage - ancient rivers and glaciers, nutritious sand stones and pure environment - form the bases for delicious ingredients. The local responsible refinement

together with the bakery´s high-level of know-how ensure high-quality finished food products year after year. Thus, the products of Utajärvi Bakery stand for the genuine local food - geofood - as its best!